Friday, February 27, 2015
The SR15 Robot Kickstarter
CEO Joe Bosworth of Smart Robots launched a Kickstarter Project on Wednesday, October 15, 2014 to fund the final design and manufacturing of our new SR15 Smartphone Robot™ which is expected to be shipping to robot-level backers in the 4th quarter of next year (2015). The 30-day Kickstarter campaign will continue thru Thursday, November 13, 2014. Please join us in making this a wildly successful project, while at the same time participating in a pivotal change in the use of Smartphones coming in 2015, not only with the SR15 Smartphone Robot™, but in other ways too many to count. Better yet, help spread the word to others you think will want the chance to participate. We look forward to your involvement and to serving you.
The SR4 Autonomous Mobile Robot
The SR4 Robot is an over three foot tall, 50+ lb. payload capacity mobile robot platform with Linux, wireless web connectivity, and expandability (power connections, expansion/mount space and USB, Serial, I2C and Wireless 80211.g and b connectivity). The SR4 is currently in use in North and South America, the Pacific Rim and in Eastern and Western Europe as both an educational tool and an application development platform.
  • As an Educational Platform - software, electronics, sensors and mechanical systems. Learn, improve or expand your skills in Java, Linux, networking, databases and the web. In electronics, design and/or install your own add-ons to the SR4 Robot, using the robot’s on-board power and extensive connectivity options (USB, serial, I2C, pin-headers, wireless 80211.g and b) – or study the robot’s current systems. Add a wireless video camera to the robot with over-the-web viewing and control. Add other sensors to the SR4, or adapt or develop your own robotic arm or other mechanical devices for the robot.
  • As an Application Development Platform - For engineers, designers, developers, project managers, entrepreneurs, students, businesses and organizations. Customize the SR4 Robot with your own software and hardware add-ons. Develop and/or experiment with your own applications of intelligent mobile robots; Office Robots, and robots for Restaurants, Fire and Security, People with Disabilities, and Seniors and robots for other applications in light industry, business and home. (More....)
  • SR4 Robot Specifications: The SR4 features the Linux operating system, Java, the GWX Express single board computer with an ARM microprocessor, wireless (and wired) Ethernet networking, web connectivity, and an on-board web server (some items are optional, depending on the model selected). The SR4’s sensor complement includes sonar for obstacle avoidance (standard), wheel encoders (standard), and an experimental position triangulation system that utilizes ultrasonic beacon signals (optional on SR4-P and standard on SR4-N). The SR4 robot is designed for expandability, both physically and electronically. (More detail....)

    Western Kentucky University, Smart Robots Partner
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    The SR4 Robot made the cover of the March 2009 issue of Circuit Cellar Magazine. Here is a different version of the cover photo with the SR4 pictured taking a stroll in the woods, walking Parallax's Scribbler alongside.